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The enforcer, the federal government, had been a paper tiger.

Universities were not reporting, much less dealing with, either sexual harassment or explicit sexual violence.

To the extent that the man’s conduct was considered at all, the statutes required that he use force before his acts amounted to rape; drugging a woman, or having sex with one wholly incapacitated by alcohol, was not enough.

And date rape was never prosecuted no matter what the circumstances. I understood more than many how unfair the criminal process could be, how critical the enforcement of a defendant’s rights were to the integrity and, even more, to the reliability of the criminal justice system.

In fact, feminists should be especially concerned, not just about creating enforcement proceedings, but about their fairness.

If there is a widespread perception that the balance has tilted from no rights for victims to no due process for the accused, we risk a backlash.

So little did the law trust a woman’s account of rape that some states required that a woman’s accusations be corroborated by independent evidence, a requirement to which no other crime victim was subject.

The definition of the crime focused on the woman’s conduct, whether she had resisted “to the utmost;” a simple “no” did not suffice.

I lobbied for rape shield laws that limited the defense counsel’s cross-examination of a woman about her prior sexual experiences.

This kind of sustained attention was precisely what was needed to come to grips with the problem. The problem was that the issues surrounding campus sexual assault were more complicated than the public debate reflected.

How were universities and colleges to deal with the range of campus sexual encounters—a continuum from violent rape, to sex fueled by alcohol impairing all involved, to the expectations about women and men in the so-called “hookup culture,” to consensual sex followed by second thoughts.

Benighted attitudes about rape and skepticism about women victims die hard.

It takes only a few celebrated false accusations of rape to turn the clock back.

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