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This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular places to find rental property.If you don’t speak Polish, just throw the website in to Google Translate. There’s not much of a reason to explore via the street cars, unless you’re looking to really get outside the center.You’ll want to get on Air Bn B and find a place that’s somewhere within the red-circle shown on the map below.You should be looking to pay roughly 30 USD/EUR per night for a nice, remodeled studio located within minutes of the square, if not located directly on the square.It is a safe destination for men who want to get their feet wet in eastern Europe.Wroclaw is the 4largest city in Poland with a population of roughly 640,000 inhabitants.

I like art, animals, good food and discovering new things. I am open, easygoing, and, i hope, with sense of humour. I am very passionate about yoga, and I love travelling.

As you could have guessed, Polish is the most widely spoken language in Wrocław.

Similar to the other large cities in Poland, English is widely-spoken by many, and you can expect to find quite decent levels among the younger population.

Remember, you should always be negotiating on the price for these places, even for short stays.

On a recent visit, I was able to ask for a 25% discount on the one of the places I liked, and had an answer back and the place booked all in about 15 minutes.

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