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It’s easy to fall into a passive mode of answering questions without reciprocating and showing genuine interest in the other person. Yes, men are often doing the impressing on a date, but he needs to see that you are intrigued by him as well. Men want a woman who is self-expressive How closed is your body language?Do you tend to hold back from expressing yourself or laughing or giving an opinion?Looking well makes you appear more attractive, the dating coach emphasizes.The same tips are usually given by matchmakers who work locally.Start with the looks — and you don’t need to go on an expensive makeover sessions with professional stylists, all the things you need are probably already in your closet.

While you are at that, take a picture or ask the shop assistant to do it.

If you give him a limp-wristed handshake and have a neutral uninterested look, he’ll assume you’re going to be a major downer rather than someone who brings positivity and general good vibes into his world. They are crossing their fingers hoping you’ll have a big smile and a great energy.

That guy you’ve just met is hoping you’ll answer his questions enthusiastically and show you’re the kind of person who is excited about what he’s doing.

“Unless you have good quality photos, women are not going to even check your ad,” resumes Petrova.

“If a woman receives a message from you, the first thing she notices is your profile photo.

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It’s the quality that makes you stand up and take notice of someone as something other than a friend.

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