Why she doesnt bother with dating

If you notice her using one of these gestures, don’t panic and run for the door! Any less then it’s down to your social skills and charm to turn it around and get her interested in you.If her arms and crossed and her back is stiff she might just be cold, or her friends are all hooking up with guys and she feels left out. The next time you notice a good looking girl from across the room, make eye contact with her.Change tactic and see if she warms to you, if not then fold your hand (pun intended! If she’s leaning away from you or her posture is stiff, it’s a sure-fire sign that she wants out of the situation and you’re wasting your time.

These are body language signs which mean she doesn’t really like you and will break your heart if you get too attached.

(This doesn’t mean you can talk about your love of tuna fish all night!

) The topic of body language is a vast subject which would need at least its own article to even scratch the surface so, for purposes of brevity, we’ll keep things simple for now.

If she rolls her eyes at the things you say, she is showing embarrassment at your presence and is displaying to everyone else that she’s just not interested. It’s a tell-tale sign that she is either nervous, uncomfortable, agitated or she simply doesn’t like you.

Try changing your strategy and see if her body language becomes more relaxed and open.

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  1. I bond to you and then you disappear, ultimately breaking my heart. Back in the day before the internet when people met via a fix up by friends, no one would have even thought to disappear like they do today.