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Rob told his then-girlfriend that he was going to the restroom when he was really planning a surprise that included riding an elephant onto the stage where he would ask the million dollar question. Congratulations to the couple on their exciting new chapter.

The couple first got engaged back in April at the Disneyland Resort when they were attending the Aladdin Show.In the days leading up to the wedding, the reality star couldn't stop gushing about his wife as they showed off their respective attire for the evening."Mr. Dyrdek #herecomethedyrdeks," he wrote on Instagram after sharing one final kiss before the ceremony."Words could never describe how blessed and honored I am to call you my wife.Since that flight we have got engaged; got married; had two kids; got a dog, rabbit and a cat.Every day I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for our life and great love.

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Of course, the couple's romance didn't start off with just dinner and a movie."Five years ago I took @bryianadyrdek on a first date that included a helicopter ride to Bakersfield to rescue puppies," he wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

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