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I was there with my buddies and saw her sitting in the student section, and just decided I wanted to meet her. *UPDATED* Ex-NFL baller Larry Johnson has just been arrested for domestic violence--again! Remember in 2008 when former Kansas City Chiefs runningback Lary Johnson was engaged to "Empire Girls" star and former BET host Julissa Bermudez? Folks wondered if domestic violence had anything to do with it as Larry has a record spanning from 2003-2008 of four arrests stemming from battery of women and DV allegations.

Fast forward to today--and Larry has been arrested yet again!

She was found with bruises & scratches all over her neck. These women need to stop dating these type of men (that have been with alot of women), such men have emotional issues.

Please look up the definition for "harlot" before using it again.

I rather be alone, brother, and personally I am enjoying being alone.

I don't have a house full of kids nor am I a baby's mama. Larry dated Julissa Bermudez before he dated Mya for a short period.

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The number 1 recruit in the country, defensive end Robert Nkemdiche, has made his decision official after months of having everyone guessing – he’s headed to Ole Miss, where his older brother, Denzel plays.

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  2. It’s also a good idea to ask both parties to re-read and re-sign the sexual harassment policy at the same time. Having a consensual dating policy (or a “dating/fraternization policy,” as some call it) and making people sign it sends a strong message to the courts, should you ever get sued.