Who is jeydon wale dating 2016

The episode led to the group officially spliting In May 2016.

A few months later, in September 2016, Bryan posted a teaser on “My Digital Escape” channel, indicating MDE 2.0 will be launching soon.

At a very tender age, lost in a solitary world of peer rejection, he figured out a way to find respite online.

The emergence of social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube has thrown up a new set of millionaires who have built business models around the influence of these channels.

It has been a journey to fusing music and storytelling into social media in such a clever way that you are conveniently seen as more than a musician.

Johnnie Guilbert is a Vlogger, You Tube content creator, Singer, Songwriter and actor.

You Tube star Jeydon Wale has come out as transgender in an emotional video.Thanking his followers for being supportive of him throughout his You Tube journey, he says he is pleased to be able to “love and accept myself to the point where I finally can.” “I just can’t thank you enough,” he adds.“Thank you for letting me be myself, something the world was trying so hard to take away from me.” Despite a little hate, he has since found support in his hundreds of thousands of followers.Bryan eventually issued an apology to fans on his role in the break-up and also apologized to his former colleagues.Johnnie released his first EP Not So Perfect on Nov 27, 2015 and it contained five songs.

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