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She shared photos with just the babies and gushed about them on social media every chance she had.

Meanwhile, the speculation about her possibly being pregnant continued to make headlines.

Her attendance at a number of awards ceremonies, such as The Best FIFA Football Awards, helped to cement that view and she has since become a prominent part of Ronaldo's family, very much as a mother to his children.

This is what we know about Ronaldo's love interest.

"Your life is soccer, and this is clearly reflected in the field."Keep being like this, always striving, and I'll be here by your side, supporting you, giving you love, tranquility and all that you need when you get home.

In good times and in bad times, because there couldn't be any other way.

In June 2017, Ronaldo announced on Facebook that he had welcomed twins Mateo Ronaldo and Eva Maria Dos Santos.

Rodriguez immediately welcomed the twins as if they were her own.

But little did the public know that there were two incredible surprises on their way.

She has been close with his family throughout the course of their relationship," Shayk's rep tells Us in a statement.

"Any negative rumors with regards to Irina and the Ronaldo family are completely false, and have not been a factor in the cause of the spilt.

The photo turned out to be one of the most-liked pictures on Instagram in 2017 with over 11 million likes.

From that moment on the family grew to a team of six.

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