When recording from vcr to dvd it keeps updating Free chat with hot aunties

Once again it goes into the cycling off and on for a couple of minutes before it once again stays off for a longer period.After leaving it unplugged overnight, when first plugged in, it immediately turns itself on, something that should not happen, so it's still retaining the cycle command.The DVD was inspected before it was placed into the player (and then after the problems started, inspected once again) and it had no defects at all.(DVD plays fine on the POS Vizio 3D BD player I have (that came in a package deal and does NOT play videos through it's USB port))I cannot get more than three minutes into a video or DVD now without it cutting off, except for two specific files on the flash drive I usually use.If we were talking about a Blu Ray player, it would be a different story, as it is quite common for Blu Ray discs not to play without updating the player, but standard DVD players/recorders don't normally need a firmware update for any reason.You could possibly resubmit this question in the general electronic category here and find someone who knows how to repair your player.they would just state that there was no fault found, amazing!!!!!!Really glad the situation finally drove me to search, ask colleagues, experts etc. You know it worked, yep only been a few hours, including watching Hamilton win the F1 World championship, brilliant all round. Chris Lynch Ps Very, very tempted to report Samsung et al for their sales of product not fit for purpose etc yeah, I know probably a complete waste if time, but all those poor sods' out there, in the dark, and given up.

It would never stay on longer than a minute, whether I tried playing a disk in it or not.I am sure this is not what you want to hear, but I think it is very likely that you will need to purchase a new DVD player.Had the same problem and it almost drove me to drink.Unfortunately, you will now rely solely on the remote control as the touch screen panel on the front of the Blu Ray player will no longer work.However, the upside is that your Blu Ray player will no longer cycle on and off. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for bothering to post your fix.

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