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He didn't love me and I later realized I didn't love him. When he came home, I told my ex that our relationship was done, he begged for my forgiveness.

Emotional abuse, like any other form, becomes a force for manipulation and coercion and you can lose sight of the way out.

I can, in that sense, relate to how Sammi must feel.

She's acting stupidly and unwisely, but I don't think what she's doing in front of America is any different than what many of us have done or seen our friends do in a way that isn't as public.

Sammi is not stupid: she is human and if what MTV shows us is accurate, she is a victim of abuse.

Interestingly, while MTV decided to air the number for an abuse helpline after the infamous Snooki-gets-punched incident, there's been little explicit attention paid to the abusive nature of Sammi and Ronnie's relationship.

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