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They provide descriptions or explanations for their paired element.Thus, tooltips are highly contextual and specific and don’t explain the bigger picture or entire task flow.The following table shows the key similarities and differences between popup tips and tooltips.This article will focus on tooltips and their use on desktop sites. Don’t use tooltips for information that is vital to task completion.(Note: on the homepage of the Business Insider website, the globe icon did have a tooltip that read Globe Icon.

Arrows are beneficial to clearly identify to which element the tooltip is associated. Tooltips are hard to discover because they often lack visual cues.

(In case you’re wondering what keyboard hover is: to access the active elements on a page, users can usually move the mouse to them or tab through them using the keyboard.

Keyboard hover refers to maintaining the keyboard focus on the same element for a longer time.) Tooltips can be attached to any active element (icons, text links, buttons, etc.) on a page.

Additionally, for users with visual impairments, a white page with light-grey tooltips is especially difficult to read.

When tooltips block the content they’re related to, they cause users to repeat steps (i.e.

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