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He then also took most of those official records home.If that wasn’t enough recklessness, he leaked some of those records to the press after he was fired.” MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT: Joe Biden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Gaffetastic Week.“The nicest take is that Biden did nothing worse than ‘conflate details’ from different stories, or maybe he’s just playing it as fast and loose with the facts as ever.But the whole thing stank so much that it caused Esquire’s politics editor, Jack Holmes, to wonder if ‘Biden is legitimately confused,’ and that his ‘more recent episodes seem different,’ and ‘worse.’ By that, Holmes means, Biden ‘is struggling to place people and events within space and time,’ like someone who might no longer be firing on all cylinders.“He lied to the President, lied about lying to the President, leaked government information to cover up his lying, and lied to the public about his lying.” YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Biden Keeps Forgetting People’s Names. Parading him around in public like this isn’t doing anybody any good.Is this a presidential campaign or the world’s biggest case of elder abuse? Sigmas enjoy their alone time and are commonly introverts, but this doesn't mean they lack social skills, just that they like to flex them less than an alpha male would. Apparently there is something about it stickied on r/trp.. I've never had a problem getting people to like me, I've never been able to like people.

You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. The media and the activist base of the Democratic party want a lot of drama and ideological radicalism — partly because both groups are well to the left of not just the average American but the average Democrat, and partly because drama makes for better ratings.But most voters are sick of all the drama, and they’re turned off by calls for socialism and the like.There's more in the description right there, many of which doesn't even make sense on a historical point of view."Sigmas like women, but tend to be contemptuous of them."Why would someone that has no trouble attracting the top 5% of women have such a conflicted mindset? They are just omegas that read a little too much about pickup, and are deluded about their social status.Based on these descriptors, my SO is a sigma, and here's my two cents from knowing him: where alphas are like the high school football player archetype, sigmas are like the mysterious bad boy who no one can quite pin down (stupid example, but like Patrick from 10 Things I Hate About You).

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  1. Sure, it's easy to say that, if adults use them, teen online dating sites should be a piece of cake, but really there is still something to be said for meeting people in person, too.