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Right now, there are over half a million members at USASex Guide, but since nearly all of them are men discussing their experiences, this number is unlikely to excite you.There are occasional messages from women, but they almost always turn out to be advertising their paid services and are not open for communication.The search function is also far from perfect, so if you are looking for something specific, you may have tough luck getting there.The most popular way to use the USA Sex Guide website is to find the location you are interested in and then study the topics inside.The highest membership level allows you to post stories without prior moderation, but that’s only useful if you plan on being a frequent contributor.USA Sex Guide is not an adult dating site in the traditional sense of the word, which means you are unlikely to directly find a partner to spend the night with here.Some members use their real names, post photos of their sexual encounters, and reveal other sensitive information.Unfortunately, we didn’t see any real efforts to maintain the security of the members from USASex Guide: the website does not use SSL encryption and the forum is available to any visitor without registration.

You register as a member, look for other members who match your description of a potential partner, get in touch, and see the relationship evolve.USASex Guide has a very specific purpose, so if paid sex is something you are looking for, you will likely enjoy your USASex Guide experience.Other than that, we found the website to be pretty much useless for regular adult dating.The only way to climb up the membership level ladder is to write frequently and visit the site regularly, but that does not give you any advantages over other members.Despite not being a dating site, USASex Guide still has some obligations to its users.

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