Updating your house colors

The Fourth of July week brought record temps in excess of 110 degrees.

That left us with two choices-in the water or inside the boat.

I think starting sections no bigger than what you have time to complete in any given color is the smart way to work.

Remember it's not a race and finishing a section at a time will really keep you looking like the pro you are when finished.

Try to paint with enough paint just to cover the old. My wife Merri covered-as you can see in the pictures-everything in one coat. This comes in a color wheel of colors and is designed for sign painting and old school pin striping. It flows and covers like no other and will make you look like a pro as well. Your lines will be a reflection of exactly what you taped with no bleeding.

Once you have your color on allow it to tack over well, but not completely dry and carefully remove the tape pulling it backwards so it will break away. One Section At A Time Moving forward, repeat the above steps and continue on.

The oil based paints are very durable and are easily applied with a very good brush.The new owners changed the yellow to a color they liked.Nothing personal to the owners of this houseboat prior to us (or possibly your boat) but teal, purple and pink etc. They are like interior accessories; they tend to get outdated quickly.When you're finished and the paint has had a few weeks to cure out completely, a good coat of wax will help protect it from the harsh winter months that lay ahead.If you have specific questions on this topic or any other subject please just ask.

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I don't recommend using rollers they tend to leave stubble.

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