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It replaces the approved UAD2 and offers new enhancements in the well-known form style.It establishes a bridge to the more powerful UAD3 using the same target adapter solution.The extenders are optionally available with galvanic electrical isolation.Furthermore, with the flexible design, the pods can also carry out tasks such as CAN interface or logic analyzer probe.With a powerful 32-bit Communication Unit based Universal Access Device, PLS presents an extremely rapid and flexible communication tool to access a multitude of popular 16-/32- and 64-bit microcontrollers.The Universal Access Device 2 is the new smart member of the UDE target Access Device family.However, Windows appears to recognise a new device for every USB port on the PC/USB hub (also if exactly this device has been installed on the same USB hub but attached to another port.) Before these hardware versions the PHY which was mounted on the PCD3. As result, the half duplex mode was used even if the partner device was configured in auto negation mode and the port should be initialized in full duplex mode. Therefore the interfaces over which the PCD can be reached from the internet need to be protected additionally (if the web server can be reached from the internet and no security is implemented, everyone can e.g.modify Register values on the PCD which can lead to malfunction of the application).

IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO DE-ASSIGN A MASTER GATEWAY PORT (an to re-assign it again) on Saia PCD® COSinus systems (PCD3, PCD2. After this procedure Windows won't prompt the user for re-installing a USB driver for every PCD as long as always the same USB port (PC side) is used. M6xxx CPUs was configured by hardware to work in half-duplex mode and not to support Auto-MDIX. Important remark concerning security Please consider the fact that the connectivity of a PCD on the internet does also mean that everyone can connect to the system.

The unique combination of JTAG and CAN bus, measurements of a mere 8.5 x 13 x 3.5 cm³ (W x D x H), and a robust aluminum housing, predestine the UAD2pro for mobile use in the field.

For debugging microcontroller boards with high-voltage components, as is common for instance with motor or inverter controls, target adapters with an electrical isolation of up to 1,000 VRMS can optionally also be used with the UAD2pro.

offers fastest target access via JTAG, c JTAG, DAP, DAP over CAN Physical Layer (DXCPL), SPD (Single Pin DAP) via CAN, SWD, ASC and CAN with build-in ESD protection.

Accessing your AURIX, Tri Core, Power Architecture, S32V234, Cortex, C16x, ST10, XC2000, XE166, XMC4500, Arm7, Arm9, Arm11, Super H SH-2A derivatives is now easier than ever.

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