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Can be seen as doing a favor or stealing someones work.

But the thing you need to watch out for are the license, because you can be sued for taking someones work and modifying it if they specifically say not to.

Scream Fortress X adds a range of new cosmetics, taunts, five new community maps and 22 Halloween contracts, and runs until 14th November.

Plenty of time to get your spook on, and collect more of those hat things.

In any case, it should make for an interesting experience when it launches in January 2019.

Meanwhile, in the current-day version of TF2, the game recently received its annual Scream Fortress Halloween update, which (once again) sees Merasmus terrorise Red and Blu team alike.

It seems modder XYK had other ideas, however, as the TF2008 Discord server has now been deleted.

Well, sort of - it's called "Burger" and all the previous comments have been replaced with pictures of food.

Updates to stable versions of MM: S are small and non-disruptive. We understand you want updates and fancy new stuff, but we don’t want to give you something that’s more broken than what you’re currently playing – as it’s been several years since our last release, we’re also working hard on overhauling lots of the visuals and getting that right takes time too.We’ll get there when we get there, we want to get new things in your hands almost as much as you want it after all!If you want to get more regular stuff from us, the best place to go is the forum, it’s much more likely that we’ll comment about what we’re up to in there than on the front page – though I will try and keep this more up to date in an attempt to stave off the “it’s dead, let me have everything you’ve made! Steam Greenlight, the new initiative from Valve to make independent games available on the Steam Marketplace, could shut down tomorrow and it still would’ve been a worthy project.

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