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Your scripts idea sounds great but (and I feel stupid here) you say 'Select the tracks you wish to rescan.(If all of them, do Command A to select all.) Just to the left of the Help menu at the top, you will see a little scroll icon'. Where exactly should I be looking on the i Tunes pane?I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY trying to replace winamp with vlc as my mp3 player, but on the increasing list of things winamp did well that vlc either doesn't do well or at all is...

I'm on Itunes 12.1 / Mavericks Am in ITunes and want to update tags for Audition editing.

Go into scratch live where it reads my itunes library 4.

Problem occurs when I go back into Itunes these tags have not been changed, you need to play the song for it to change. It's for that reason I started tagging everything before adding to i Tunes. I ask because I remember i Tunes doing what you described a long time ago, but not in any of the more recent versions (several years, I think).

3) Open Xbox music (preferably from settings manage) 4) Tap on "songs" and let it load. Basically we are refreshing Xbox music's locally stored database without a hard reset of phone.

5) Close Xbox Music 6) Go to files once again and move back the songs too the actual location , delete "all" folder. It will be better if we are allowed to access all the music files stored either on phone memory or the memory card.

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