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They waited a little longer, until Mrs Top conceded that BUI and Joan had gone out for the day. fury, today traveling sales- A widespread air and water search hospital a at Uoydmlnster, 6ar.k tonight without • few hours after his Tiger Moth a clue to tne tug's fate. "The disappearance of the lug Is No airliners landed or left Edmonthe strangest tiling I’ve ever enton today due to the fog. It has simply vanished .duoed visibility here to half a mile. without a A Northwest Air Lines plane up but we are very worried.” Nearly a score of surface craft, carrying 30 person* from Commun Seoul. The distance be- though, once In a rare while native Say from the an tn egfbn of Seoul? 10 i*Y Mystery surrounding the du^ppearui-e nt the tugboat Barhem mid her crew of II deepened today alter an BUFFALO. Y.- , By II Mvsterv ; 1 his advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or bv the Government of British Columbia. christening yesterday because iha line holding the traditional ifoti.e of champagne broke at the critical moment. is gtva racelva I NO Christmas and New Years holidays The committee may member* *t U the ot pay for their service*, but they are of the before session matter* on other Oo\ eminent entitled under the Indian Inquiry raveling and other Art to claim the personal expense* Inrurred discharge of their duties committee were thoroughly familiar with Indian problems. former adju Canadian the Scottish 13,50 al ' W FRANC, S L1D MODERNIZE YOUR EYEGLASSES FOR CHRISTMAS m H» m M* ^ wa t* t* i» your eyes * looks by having us to m nos f? Grade A" hen turkev* were selling for 60 cents per poutyd at Seattle last week, and tom turkeys were listed at 50 cents. That was Russia's first condition for de- Those and the nrarrr the magic hour comes the more infectious am think, definite- Is, I it notice to failed objective Stalins chief war was paper, bubbling cannot have I mind I sing. OCtiar;i*ni line labnr Is tii Ia IIo JH Coriiand 44 44 40 VO 44. What Ap] fl|A L »l U«S *i impirmrnt wlrr m*a*ur* II Otrr Uirpw. As they were leaving they noticed a neighbor leaning on his garden gate. Korea, confive aircraft and shore police com- ist-threatened Calgary after being unable blned to organize one of the broadest tlnued to here. tween la Ule-piped along and under women disport themselves for that Airport— Klmpo direction of shade of bright, sickly the floor. « 15-Denier Duplicate He Raton Crepe 711 YATES STREET - — Local Page 3 dhr (Colonist fiailif . It Is unlikely, he said, that it will be any IU finding* are to be reported to the Legislature. was eon meeting Included a aing-song conducted by past president Don Yea. ^a 1 f 8 * a good j fit your I present lenses into a modern frame. Price* included evisceration and removal of heads and leg*. That seems to me a misleading and unwarranted over-slinpllflcatlon. oughly Is Mao cannot have that Far East at the end of the Japanese attractive In you when you are downtown today, or during the rest of Notice the good humor Ihe week can know. 8ml Ui of 972 Heywnod Avenue, and his slx-month-old brother. t E L E To Uar Bfurur South 43 tlayr* 44 Tran«ac*" A val Ur. workers on compensation will be allowed to go directly to ''the The board • «um His telephone Jingled quite late one night. by the British Columbia Workmen's Compensation Board Mac. They sold theiq ” house and furniture and moved to Halifax a month ago You | i ! Fortu- nately several local painters preserved the scone on canvas. *v looae.” Naturally the enough tlhng one loses u something "loobed" from one, something 10 longer attached to one. • • • Iwo engine#, powerful tlraight right or dependahlr, economical aix. NKR INTERIORS • • • Iw-autiful new fabric*, new color bar* nonieft, comfortable deep-real Malt.

time a fighting Gorge Road rearming Issue for two merclal has been before council front of as much as 30 mile* had months, dty council yesterday desigbeen mentioned sines the U. nated the entire area on the south Eighth Army pulled bark south of side of the Gorge Road, from the the 38th parallel before the pressure •ant boundary of the Victoria Nurs For other City Council of Chinese Communist horde*. “After the fool ts thoroughly soaked, place his foot on the gas and release the brakes. The visitor was a little flustered "Do you think we ought to drop on them like this? Sulluggage when she was livan* arrested while traveling bock to Toronto November 18. The part* were put together and the U an reconstructed bottle OIL-BURNING KITCHEN RANGES THREE MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM GURNEY RANGE— With Complete With Complete Cyclo* Mr. dence Is bound fo be scanty and al- The ques- ways possibly misleading. of part erection of a calm on the Causeway to commemorate the founding of Fort Victoria and also the placing of a plaque at the comer of Government and Fort Streets to mark the site of the first school within the fort. And when you get all your mall posted there's a glow of pleasure as Yes, even If well a* of satisfaction. loss I ne'er let I Is You read of but one wise man. In fact, received far more aid from Britain than from The two cases are simply not Russia. Mao embryo as an regard Asiatic Tito as to regard him as a subservient tool of Stalln. cation that tn is one effect of Commun- That being so. — Netherlands division has been dispatched overseas. Korean Reds, now believed to have 160.000 regrouped forces In action, were reported today to have fool, number clashed with South Korean* along a 30- mile front only 46 miles from Seoul. and the force will then be ready to move wherever designated. ha* rejected that demand and has set up a three-man committee to try to work out a cease-fire agreement "Any device which reverse* thts process area the he rearmed ae the earliest feasible lime." Officials Mid a wage formuladesigned to restrain “excessive” pay be used “a* aoon as — Censorship Indicated Asia go Increases on gasoline, other petroleum product*. The Kellock report, which la on railroaders provides binding, Vancouver Island with a aeven«ant-an-hour wage Increase, retroactive to September 1. OPEN (VERY EVENING UNTIL CHRISTMAS 794 T RUST DOROTHY POSTAGE PAID on MAIL ORDERS RIGHT T)AY and open each evening week, until Mother . How- PERFUME W* htr* Dorothy Gray •ut In IN PRESCRIPTIONS 1061. Gel Tickets for Ovyparklng." The article went on to say that Fisheries Min- Mayhew was ticketed for overparking In and he told the Laurier Club (In humorous vein) that the other Federal Ministers usually phone him at Ottawa after a visit to Victoria saying what a fine reception they get In Victoria, whenever here, and he compared the ister Victoria reception he gets. Mayhew said he presented himself at Victoria police station and offered to pay the fine, but was excused by police station officials. COSMETIC SETS— COLOGNES— PERFUMES, ETC ALL FAMOUS MAKES TO CLEAR 36 Only— “Mem of Re* SI 4) To rlear 5(1. 8 Room DAILY ON Tilt PAL If 1C COAST—ESTABLISHED ISM Tilt —NINETY-THIRD YEAR VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20. Y0 Blast Communist Attackers Nations Reach Accord On Three Mai or Points »-AP Wlrcohiilo. Prime Minister St- Laurent has said ran be dispatched wherever It necessary This appears to be Europe Six battalions ma e up the force Its equivalent to a small division training U likely to be completed In Marrh. The Chinese Communists on their own term* sisting are Into end the fighting but the UJM. ships operating on the West Coast, however, working agreement. national representa- are affected by the provisions in the tive of the Canadian Brotherhood report BEER NEW r ACT of Railroad Employees In Victoria, said last night he expected the Now union members of the Empress Hotel Division. Empress Hotel, after hearing the would open negotiations immediately for an Increase In pay and a 40-hour week. Funeral arrangement* have not yet been announced RADIOS MORE THAN TO CHOOSE FROM YOUNG’S 5 Hand bogs Liberty .. Ami on our r Liberty Another link with Victoria's paet ha« been severed with the flealh. s po VNe 47.50 II Certificates SELECT thi* will be OPEN ALL t/u GIFT ^\anx Wi A FUft HITURt L RADIO KNOW Your Radio" E 074 FORT ST. Gown* 12.50 t group of EXTRA SPKC-IAL VALUES m BEDROOM SLIPa glarntfrou* appenling fnuerknoe with rich, golden »J *5 155 and A her 2.05 Post Office, C. Scarves Glove* Slipper* — COLOGNES FROM 15.50 BEDROOM For Discriminating For Particular only the PERFUMES FROM G 2222 transport ones affected by the report. employ**** will receive only a fourend no aent-an-hour Increase change In their work week. CRAIG FLOWER SCHOOL Obviously, one's answers to one’s decisions on questions, ly Mr. ” of peace envoy, sort between real Is can be concealed. MORE AMRITIOI 8 Final presentation was the SPOKANE. 19 NANAi— In world, where grain buyers’ man's best friend U his shrewdness, a bargain-wise mis* is pushing the men to the wall. feed dealers hand, so he cashed his spade queen and then led a heart toward dummy, hoping to guess right. however, he guessed wrong, up East returned tough deal, but he should buyer grain fledged You enjoy buying especially when you’ve "It's fascinating. There moment an official picture ®®^^^®and Inches forward, then halted: H i rgied again and I repeated the nmr*TUvre. I peered Impatiently along the line towards the ask EWER relationship the the two Communist great powers, bethe Sov e t Union and the Chi- mused, ! any Assessment of the Far Eastern situation—or indeed what mall Christmas Jgji j, a as Commentary of the world situation— one question forces Itself insistently forward. The faith and good will of Canada go with them as they approach the venture for which they were recruited. It seems probable they may see action earlier than their original training schedule anticipated. • mora She's Vee I The a by declarer had to contend with defence in the following have won out.

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Gorge Road Area Zoned To Permit Auto Courts Caanda will make A special force of troops available. The petitioner* objeried also to the suggestion that the Oorge waterway wmt to Harriet Road might be used for log storage. Margaret Christie stated that none of the petitioners objected to the construction of an The brief announcement' did not say what penalties were contemplated for failure to conform M. State Secretary Dean Aeheson of the United States and Foreign Minister Robert Bchuman of France held a four-hour meeting after the wind-up of a two-day session of the North Atlantic Council. Air Trans-Canada Air Lines reported Force will salute 1,000 of Its best frleuds Thursday with a Christmas four outgoing and five Incomin K message from Atr Marshal W. flights were either cancelled or reto He routed and are expected tn here Curtin, Chief of the Atr Btaff. | •* An estimated i were 4.000 wrestling Ians disappointed when Whlpper RAYON KNIT GOWNS seem props, roofs, Large vanity of with mud walls and thatch and some with greyish curv- pmk, Congestion 1* so perfect that each house is separated only by a mud path wide enough for one ing '4.95 ‘5.95 ‘6.50 EXCELLENT ore thing that lashes a telephone- user Into a special What rules Is the number 1* listed tn the company's own compel me to be polite. Dr Roy E Anderson, president of British Columbia Chiropractors* l he For Your Shopping Convenience dl-yalling. said have Manitoba granted White, pink, blue Small, — WEDNESDAY — medium ond A A large and 'limited recognition” to chiropractors. are expected to aerk a new THE MOST TREASURED NAME through a Federal union. 1201 Doug lot SMALLER RAISE But hotel and water ever, C NR. & We Always Say J, “GIVE QUALITY” Golden Orchid OPEN CP R. A candle-light supper Thursday and a dance Saturday ntght In conjunction with the Shawntgan Lake Boys' School will complete the Christmas festivities. We agree heartedly that economy Is a good thing, more necessary now than at any period the last five years, but until the nation is given a firm lead in that direction on Farltament Hsli it is not likely to take this n m m “ Don’! people can complicate the simand this lady was a The clerk quoted the of Some plest operation pastmaster. Actually, understand why an interand valuable tourist attraction has It 1s difficult to sur.h esting relic been neglected for so long.

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