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R27, I am 34, so while I’m not quite so young anymore, I don’t quite qualify for geriatric... And it’s Col Ombia.[quote] Do they allow selfies in the club?

Can you stick a massive hard cock in your mouth and post that pic on Instagram?

Puerto Vallarta and Cabo are great, but I was not impressed with Cartagena.

brown murky water, filthy streets and vendors hassling you everywhere.

Back to the hot, uncut cocks, my Mister B&B host is taking me to a gay Turkish bath/sauna tomorrow, so I will report more on the cocks later.

R24, everybody of all shades seemed to be mixing nicely in the club at least.

The Cock in NY has strippers with hard dicks that you can play with for a tip.

I would only choose Colombia over Mexico if I were straight as the women are beautiful.[quote] Cartagena.He licked ass and came buckets like a champ, but he was not too educated and seemed rather common.[quote][R8], [R10], the gay clubs where I am from don’t allow fully nude men. I am more impressed with this club than any gay bar in LA or New York. Enjoy our HD porno videos on any device of your choosing!Colombia is nice, but as a gay man I prefer Mexico. Men are hotter(In my honest opinion), food is better, tequila is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than aguardiente.Walked around on stage and elsewhere with huge, flopping hard-on dicks! Actually, I was impressed with the entire gay club. Bogota has to be one of the underrated gayest cities in the world.[quote] How about gay escorts - as good or abundant as Rio? Apparently there are five gay bathhouses/Turkish baths.4 stories tall, with 12 different rooms with different music (80s, techno, ranchera, etc.) Beautiful men everywhere. I am actually sad that I am leaving Bogota on Sunday to explore more of the countryside.

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brown murky water, filthy streets and vendors hassling you everywhere. And possibly my last time hooking up with local men.

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