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,- = Throughout AD&D there are modifiers in both the positive and negative directions.

Any modifier improves a stat, any - modifier degrades a stat. Some stats are improved by decreasing their number, THAC0 for instance.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________ What's New in 4.3: Tiny changes. The most recognized form of dice is the "D6" or the six sided die.

With his little tiny sprite replaced with a giant sized animated portrait. Meis confronts his dad about the invaders about to storm their lands and asks him why he's not gathering weapons and soldiers to fight them off. There are too many desirable women out there waiting for him for him to die apparently.I'm starting to get the feeling I should have brought more health potions. Systematically cross every river, search every inch of this land. These graphics look pretty terrible in screenshots, but they do look better in motion. Meis returns to the spirit blacksmith to get his sword fixed, and finds that blacksmiths are basically rock stars in this world.Also I seeing as all the 'save points' I've found so far turned out to be something to do with dating, I should probably see if I can save on the overworld before I get killed and have to start again from the intro. I really hope it's the ruins, because I've been walking around forever and I've found nothing else this way but monsters and I don't have the health potions to keep this up. You can't pull out your hammer and tongs without getting surrounded by swooning chicks of all ages.Meis decides that he must become Jyabil's apprentice!Mostly because it's a good honest trade and pays well, and nothing to do with... I went with the first choice, but it's so out of character he's basically lying. The secret forces of evil have gathered to plan and scheme and chat about how well their invasion is going.

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__________________________________________ AD&D Rules FAQ for every CRPG based on the 2nd Edition AD&D ruleset: Baldur's Gate Gateway to the Savage Frontier Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn Hillsfar Champions of Krynn Icewind Dale Curse of the Azure Bonds Menzoberranzen Dark Queen of Krynn Planescape: Torment Death Knights of Krynn Pool of Radiance Descent to Undermountain Pools of Darkness Dungeon Hack Secret of the Silver Blades Eye of the Beholder Treasures of the Savage Frontier Eye of the Beholder 2 Warriors of the Eternal Sun (Genesis) Eye of the Beholder 3 ____________________________________________________________________________ September 11, 2002 Version 4.3 Written by: Dan Simpson Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will find the most up to date version of this FAQ at: Having written a number of FAQs for AD&D games (Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment), I often get questions on the basics of the ruleset. 3rd Edition Note: This document works mostly for the 2nd Edition ruleset. Multiclassing and Dual Classing Frequently Asked Questions Final Words...

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