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She might be tight-lipped about the relationship, but a certain music video gives a major nod to her bae... Tweeted, deleted, and then re-posted bitter things about her birthday.; 9. We know what you’re thinking: Wasn’t that the night that Swift and her soon-to-be boyfriend Tom Hiddleston went viral for their after-party dance moves? Swift and Hiddleston began dating shortly after the Met Gala, but their whirlwind romance ended in September 2016 (after a summer of PDA).

” During the production, Swift stands next to a wall with her birth year (‘89) written in graffiti next to Alwyn’s (‘91). ” During the production, Swift stands next to a wall with her birth year (‘89) written in graffiti next to Alwyn’s (‘91). But if you happen to be a major Swiftie who’s in the middle of your own wedding planning process (or you just love a good ballad to get you in your feels), check out our roundup of the While these two aren’t officially engaged quite yet, we can’t help but imagine how beautiful their future wedding could be.

The relationship ends when he goes off to college, but she goes on to write three songs about him including “Tim Mc Graw,” “Our Song,” and “Fifteen,” and he is flattered.

“He bought the album and said he really loved it, which is sweet.

getting back together with any of them, it’s still fun to remember the inspo behind some of her hits!

Look back on the full timeline of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends and test your knowledge on the relationships below!

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reported about a year after the 2016 Met Gala that Swift and Alwyn had been together for a few months, with Swift traveling to London to go on dates with her rumored boyfriend—going so far as to wearing hats, wigs, and scarves to keep their budding romance on the down low.

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