Even with the high intelligence levels and great English, girls will still be girls. While these chicks won’t make deliberate money grabs, they are still somewhat superficial.

I loved a lot about the Taiwan girls, but I’d never describe them as down to earth.

I had a tough time even meeting a girl who wasn’t educated or in university. These aren’t lazy girls looking to find a foreigner to take care of them. While this isn’t the Philippines, you’ll find high-level English in Taiwan. Most girls in Taipei go above and beyond to learn near fluent English.Only with a lot of effort will you truly find the type of sex life you want in Taipei.While it won’t be like shooting fish in a barrel here, there is some good news.I saw chicks dancing, making out, and going home with guys they just met at clubs in Taipei – including a few times by yours truly 😉 While these girls love to go out and “party” quite often, they rarely get hammered.This isn’t like the West where people go out to get wasted.

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