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She even go as far as giving him monthly allowances, take him for vacations and the likes and in return, his one and only job is to keep her happy for as long as she wants.Let me go deep and explain who a sugar mama or Momma is.A sugar daddy is a matured man who spends money on a younger girl in exchange for love, relationship or intimacy.Defining sugar mummies won’t be complete without first explaining how it works.

Want to find sugar mummy or meet sugar mummy online? Most guys are now aware of the benefits that comes with dating sugar mommies.These cougars most times, are usually the first to make the contact with these younger men and tend to use their money to flirt with them.However, this works in advance countries like the USA, Austria, UK, Australia, France or Canada.Like they basically provide him with almost everything and anything he needs.This is why these wealthy older ladies are called sugar mommas.

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More than 95% of sugar mamas are wealthy and usually lavish their wealth on these young men.

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