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In 2002 she took part in Celebrity Big Brother for charity and in 2008 she learned how to conduct on BBC reality contest Maestro.

The 5ft 7in jokester also started co-presenting an ongoing historical food documentary series, The Supersizers, with Giles Coren, and they've teamed up for other documentaries together too.

However, she did get her own sitcom in 2013 called Heading Out, in which she starred as a gay vet struggling to come out to her parents, but the show never made it past series one. "So even though I understand there are people who think I should have done it sooner, it wasn't right for me at the time. It's my journey."Bird, 36, is as decorated a basketball player as the sport has seen. That was never the case for me."As for the timing of her decision to come out, Bird said the moment felt right."It's happening when it's happening because that's what feels right," she noted. That was never the case for me." So why talk about it now? Both of them are two of the biggest names in their sport in the United States. these aren't secrets to people who know me," Bird says. I think people have this assumption that if you're not talking about it, you must be hiding it, like it's this secret.

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