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There are teams that you just don't want to face in the playoffs. Teresa Witherspoon and Vickie Johnson were the backbone of the fine New York Liberty teams in the early years of the WNBA.

While these two names can be found in nearly every category of the WNBA record book, neither of them had anything close to their finest season in their championship year.The only thing the Monarchs did particularly well from an offensive stand point was score more than 62 points.What makes this tandem great is that their great career statistics and the fact that they lead their team to the Finals in two consecutive years, although they lost to In 2003, Swin Cash had one of the best years of her remarkable career.Neither one of these great tandems ever won a championship and both lost to another all time great tandem in each of their trips to the Finals.Stockton and Malone lost to Jordan, Pippen and Rodman.

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