Sisters dating same man

(We also both have anxiety over everything, be it big or little, lol.)I desperately don’t want to hurt anyone here, mostly my sister.I know I have a tendency to shut things down before they have a chance to develop, partly out of self-preservation.

My sister is currently seeing a small group of lovely people who’re all involved with each other.Now my sister and I are discussing the possibilities of whether I should date him as well, and what could happen as a result.We’ve tried to cover all the bases (it’d be awkward if one of us stopped seeing him, how the group would handle it, who goes to parties with him, etc) and are currently at an impasse.Neither of us wants to police the other’s behavior.She won’t tell me I can’t date him because she doesn’t feel that’s her right and she wants me to be happy.

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It’s ranged from more emotionally complex (her ex-husband, an ex-boyfriend) to a guy we got to know at different times.

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