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As the demographics of each class change, we have more students who are coming to Vanderbilt and have less prior knowledge about Greek life.”Most recently, a policy regarding sorority stickers at tailgates and other day parties was met with complaints.

It states that, beginning next fall, sorority members must replace their stickers with buttons to avoid the phenomenon of placing stickers on male students or taking other sorority stickers off of people and decrease litter.

I obviously put little stock into the rankings because it’s the internet, but I did start wondering if the reputation of different chapters had changed since I was in school in the early 00s.

In my opinion, the sororities were some of the harshest in ranking and they went as followed: 1.) KD, 2.) Chi O, 3.) Tri-Delt (these three always jockeyed for position but were steadily in the top three) 4.) DG, 5.) Kappa, 6.) Phi Mu (Kappa and Phi Mu would also compete but DG was always better) 7.) Pi Phi, 8.) AOPi, 9.) Theta What is the hierarchy like now? The top houses were Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, Phi Delt, and Pike, but they were more divided based on real interests of the members rather than reputation (at least it seemed to me—as a female I obviously had less interaction with the rush side of things for fraternities).

I was just interested in a sociological sense because when I was there it right before social media took off and I was interested in how things may have changed since then. In my opinion it’s Pretty pretentious when people start talking about which Greek organizations are the “best”. You could of course move these a bit here and there. Historically, the top houses would always pick their legacy (mom's daughters) and hometown people, but in the past there would be some room for the best overall girls.

But, like most things heavy in tradition, I wasn’t expecting too much change. And I’m in Greek life at ole miss every one of them has equal faults and perks. Historically, Chi-0 has been #1 from day one till the mid 1990s. It's 2018 now and most of our moms went to college versus students in say the 80s or 90s.

Then Tridelt took over #1 in the 1990s (mostly senators and governors daughters) and is currently #1. For example a hot 9/10 girl, cheerleader, prom queen, 30 ACT will end up in bottom or mid tier, while a legacy's daughter who might be a 6/10 looks wise, 20s ACT and doesn't have anything going for her really will get a top tier.

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Κάθε φορά που πατάτε "Μίλα μου" σας συνδέουμε με κάποιον άγνωστο χρήστη εντελώς τυχαία.

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“I was looking forward to being able to wear stickers and being able to put them on my guy friends, so I think buttons are going to be harder,” said first-year and member of Tri Delta sorority Eva Herr.

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