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On or near October 5, 2011, Administrator Warrington and Chief Robshaw decided to terminate Schmidt.

Robshaw communicated that decision to Gizinski and stated "I'm giving you a heads up since you're the FOP representative: Schmidt's trying to file Workers Comp. Why do you want to get rid of him, he comes in does his job, why do you want to fire him[? On November 18, 2011, Schmidt's wife filed a "Charge of Discrimination" against Chief Robshaw and the Town.

At the second trial, Schmidt was cleared of "all major allegations." Id. However, in January 2015, Schmidt was terminated by Chief Robshaw for "alleged performance deficiencies." ECF No. In the present case before the Court, Frohlich, Stone and Gizinski contend that they were subject to retaliation because of In addition to being inconsistent with dates established in the Schmidt litigation, the order of events in the individual complaints are at times not placed in logical order given the dates allged and thus are hard to follow. In sum, it appears that Schmidt faced a trial board, was terminated and then reinstated only to face a second trial board and a second termination. According to the Complaint, Defendant knew or should have known that Schmidt had not been involved in a hit and run accident. Schmidt was informed of the investigation immediately upon his return from disability leave. The Counseling Center provides comprehensive support services that promote the personal, social, and academic success of UMD students.Within the Counseling Center, students may seek help from the Counseling Service, Accessibility & Disability Service, Learning Assistance Service, and the Testing Office.

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Additionally, sometime in 2011, before Officer Schmidt returned from disability leave, Chief Robshaw told Frohlich "[f]ind some way to get rid of that mother fucker," to which Stone, who was also present, responded "Chief what did he do? Chief Robshaw replied, "I just don't like that mother fucker." Id.

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