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My mummy was attracted by my daddy’s smiles while talking and cool and frank conversation with everybody.She also smiles very beautifully while talking to everybody and she is born to a god fearing mother[my Nani].My daddy’s name was planned to be made as Thomas[by his parents,during his birth],but his parents changed the plan to make it as Jose.My daddy did not ask my mummy for any dowry[sthreedhanam],because ,my mummy's parents did not have a job that time and they did not have enough money and also because my mummy had a government job in State Bank Of India with financial requirement.My mummy always says that Harris depressed because he did not get his daddy.She did not know the actual causes,which were,like child abuse,language problem,revenge,friendlessness,feeling of girl –like inside.

My daddy’s family knows my mummy’s relative family very well,because their parents worked with my daddy’s parents in Alagappa textile mills at Amballur, Thrissur.

I born on 2.8.88[2nd August,1988],born on Friendship week. According to Hindu stars sign,my star sign is Uttara[Uttaram]. I am considering myself as a character like what the word august means.

Yes, I consider myself as a guest to every new place.

My mother had a deepest desire for becoming a film actress,but the circumstances after her marriage in Thrissur did not allow her to do acting. My mummy was and is the first daughter of their family and she was brought up by her caring daddy[my Nana],and she is called by her brothers and sisters,like ‘Deedhi’,or ‘Chechie’.

My daddy had little baldness right from my birth,but his personality is great. I admired my daddy from my childhood and made him faces. My mummy,is the most beautiful,among her cousin sisters,but she could not make out an actress,on screens,herself for her,due to the time differences,and she was called by her college mates in Bhilai,for her expressions co inciding with actress, Rekha;[Rekha,is the hindi actress who had love relation with actor Amitabh Bacchan,and this actress is who said to Aishwarya Rai’s mother, Vrinda Rai,during her childhood,that Aishwarya would be a successful woman in her future].

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My parent's wedding anniversary is on 25th October,1987[].

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