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Some of them were spending on their own education, but not nearly as many.

Business Insider reports that there are about two million more people in this generation than in the baby boomer one, or 80 million versus 78 million, respectively.Despite society's look at retirement as a time to spend all that free time doing whatever they want, the NCPA says money is not going towards a ton of entertainment and looking snazzy for themselves and The Joneses (at least in some ways). Baby Boomers are willing to shell out money on music, reports , especially music that takes them back to their younger days.In 2006, 25 percent of music buyers were over the age of 45.When World War II came to an end and soldiers returned home to the United States, an enormous number of babies were born.This population explosion, coined the Baby Boom by sociologists, lasted from 1946 to 1964.

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People over 50 were made up almost a quarter of online music sales. Between helping their kids and paying on their mortgages, baby boomers don't seem to value spending money on fashion, furniture, or going out to eat as much as some other groups might. Store brands are just as good as brand names, they feel, so there's no reason to spend the extra money.

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