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The Serial Killer steals two hearts from players they date twice.

Players who date an unrevealed Leprechaun get two fake hearts.

The Creep gets a bonus heart when they reject a player and date a player on the same night.

The Witch takes one hair for every new player dated.

The only possible exception to this would be the Vengeful Ghost, as it both supports the player with that monster power and the other players they are playing with, though, for the sake of keeping things fair, it's recommended to keep every power complete secrets until the game reveals them.

If every single player has been infected at the end of the game, it's the end of the world and the original Zombie is the only winner, no matter how many hearts they received.

NOTE: Becoming a Zombie does not overwrite your original monster power.

The Werewolf loses half a heart when they get rejected on a full moon.

NOTE: Becoming a Werewolf does not overwrite your original monster power.

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