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Until the 20th century only the Golden Gates of Vladimir, despite much 18th-century restoration, could be regarded as an authentic monument of the pre-Mongol period.

During the 1940s, archaeologist Nikolai Voronin discovered the well-preserved remains of Andrei Bogolyubsky's palace in Bogolyubovo (dating from 1158 to 1165).

The city of Novgorod preserved its architecture during the Mongol invasion.

The first churches were commissioned by the princes; however, after the 13th century merchants, guilds and communities began to commission cathedrals.

While Russian or Rus' architecture and culture was in many cases inspired by the Byzantine Empire, the influence was also limited.It is a self-discovery journey and a mixture between drama and road-movie. I am interested in family happiness, so if you have wind in your head and you have not matured as you do - do not knock on.. Major cathedrals often featured many small domes, which has led some art historians to infer how the pagan Slavic temples may have appeared.Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod (1044–52), on the other hand, expressed a new style which exerted a strong influence on Russian church architecture.

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