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A regular expression to check that would look like this: These regular expressions are similar to the three above.

The only changes are: a call to alltrim an expression covered earlier and the symbols [- ]? Decimals or floats as they are commonly called present additional considerations.

If the data is trimmed before validating with an alltrim covered previously, data otherwise valid will pass this test.

The third regular expression is the same as the second with the addition of that restricts the data to having 3 to 5 of the preceding character(s) in this case digits.

Of course, positive and negative integers are common, and positve integers frequently omit the sign so this requires a little consideration.

A valid integer value should contain only digits and possibly a leading minus or plus sign.

For example if you want to validating Indian mobile numbers followed by 91, then you can use the following regx: Have worked primarily in the domain of Calling, CRM and direct advertisers services.

The second pattern disallows leading and trailing spaces and is shorter because in uses the metacharacter \d for digits.The previous section dealt primarily with validating strings; albeit, some of the strings were composed entirely of digits.These were, however, still strings since the results of any mathimatical operation using them is meaningless. Numerical data is alway handled as string representations of numbers in (X)HTML forms or when the data is sent to the server.The last expression is the same as the second replacing [0-9] with \d.Ninety-nine percent of software applications require data which are entered by users, for example when you want to create an email account (Hotmail, Gmail ...

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These differ only in the addition of test, (\.\d ) for a decimal point and decimals.

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