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Can you specify which svn revision of redmine you're using, specifically? 'Autofetch commits' option is checked in the Administration Repository page, if Roejames12's suggestion of enabling "Report last commit for files and directories" refers to the option mentioned here, I do not see that option anywhere. (called from _run_rhtml_vendor47plugins47redmine_git_hosting47app47views47projects47settings47_repository46rhtml_locals_object_repository_tab at /home/vk/redmine-1.2/vendor/plugins/redmine_git_hosting/app/views/projects/settings/_repository.rhtml:56) DEPRECATION WARNING: @repository will no longer be implicitly assigned to repository.

I tested with latest trunk, and 1.2.1, it's possible there's somewhere in between where there is still a problem (or, there was a still newer commit than when I last tested and it broke again). As far as the plugin configuration panel, everything looks good as far as I can tell ( What can I check for to see if the post-receive hook, or any hook, isn't functioning properly? (called from _run_rhtml_vendor47plugins47redmine_git_hosting47app47views47projects47settings47_repository46rhtml_locals_object_repository_tab at /home/vk/redmine-1.2/vendor/plugins/redmine_git_hosting/app/views/projects/settings/_repository.rhtml:56) DEPRECATION WARNING: @repository will no longer be implicitly assigned to repository.

If I can actually get a system where this is happening I might be able to better figure out what's going on/ what's causing it.

If it would help, I can upload a copy of the VMWare Player image I'm using, and instructions of the installation route I took.

The repository updates properly, and I can browse through all repository branches in redmine with no problem.

However, associated revisions don't show up in issues automatically for commits made to any branch other than master.

I'm going to try a couple more things to try to reproduce the problem.Is there a proper way to set this up that I missed? I found a way to make the Repository & Activity pages work, sort of. I have to specifically refresh the Repository page of each individual project for any changes to show up in the Activity stream.Hi there, First of all, thank you Eric for this great module ;) I have exactly the same issue as discribe here, I can only see the first commit in the Redmine repository panel. It seems that this problem revolves around the Max Cache Time parameter in the Git Cache Parameters section of the plugin configuration page. My initial test project for this was a single text file, that noted what I did each commit.A project's Repository page does not seem able to track the project's repository.The repository itself seems to working fine, multiple users are able to push and pull from the repository, just the web view of the repository seems to be broken.

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