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I kept a fresh slate with every guy who happened upon the chair in front of me and found myself marking a tiny “X” next to their name as that dollar store bell shooed them away.

There would be no cheesy rom-com moment for me tonight.

The next day, we will be able to log onto the website and select the names of the dates we felt we had a genuine connection with.

If they selected us back, we will be sent their contact info to continue the conversation. Tonight’s event was set up specifically for straight people, however in my search of speed dating events in Manhattan, I found several companies that are geared specifically towards the LGBTQ community, such as Queer Speed Dating.

I turn to my best friend Pamela, who is accompanying me because A.) we’d just finished watching the Ted Bundy documentary and she didn’t want me going alone, and B.) she was curious about having 40 first dates in an evening, as well. The Crompton Ale House in Manhattan is full of dark wood accents, vintage books glued to their shelves, and single people ready to rub elbows on a Saturday night.

There are no red and pink decorations, no cheesy indication of what the event was marketed as. Pamela and I are directed to the back of the bar, where the good people of NY Minute Dating gave us our name tags and pieces of paper to record the people we met.

” text or an overpriced polyester bear holding a heart.He motioned to my best friend, “So you sister told me that you’re a journalist.I really see the resemblance in you two.” I hold back a chuckle and take the compliment like a free sample at Costco: not enough to satisfy me, but just the right amount to keep me going.”, smile and hoped for a happy ending or a silver lining, whichever came first.The hosts explain the rules to the crowd of us while the normal activity of the bar eavesdrops with curiosity: Each date is three minutes long. From there, guys will shift to the seat to their right for the next date. My best friend turns to me, “Well, at least we don’t have to move. ” There’s something very freeing about getting to sit in the same spot with my glass of red wine and have a parade of men shuffle around to meet me.

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About an hour into the event, the host announces there will be a 10-minute break for food.

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