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It’s fascinating, an I have some of his research tools to check on a few suspicions that I’ve had in my own collection.Anyway, the Night Ranger album in question would probably cost a bit of scratch, I guess, because he found an German import version of track and Murph called me out-suggesting that maybe there’s a history with me and Night Ranger. At a different point in my life, I worked for a radio station that sponsored a week-long music event where we’d book a bunch of fair-circuit bands.Let’s be clear, he was getting to perform in a rainstorm in front of less than 500 people next to a smelly river in a town that held less than any number of one of their arena shows from their 80’s heyday. With honesty and completeness, he spoke candidly at how intimidating it was to be the first guitarist since Randy Rhodes died that shared the stage with Ozzy.He explained that he left Night Ranger to play with Ozzy, and his intention was to always return to them instead of becoming the guy that would forever be compared to Rhodes if he stayed."But then we still have the core sound of the band on the record as well.

@ Mohegan Sun Arena March 5 - Youngstown, Ohio @ Covelli Centre March 7 - Ft. @ Allen County War Memorial Coliseum March 8 - Milwaukee, Wis. @ Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena March 11 - Minneapolis, Minn. Nobody turns down Ozzy, unless they have a shit hot band themselves, which is what prompted me to consider that the band was geared towards the mainstream.And until they achieved the commercial success that they wanted, they’d have to make due as a high-energy touring band, one that had plenty of gimmicks for their live set.I sold just as quickly as I was swayed by its false promise.So to suggest that I was in awe of their presence would not be factual.

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On one particular night, Night Ranger was booked and yours truly was just the man to introduce them to the audience.

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