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For instance, Leucine was the most abundant essential amino acid in the product 8. Of all the detected and quantified amino acids, Glutamic acid was the most abundant in both the Irvingia seeds and the processed product, having also recorded an increase due to processing.

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1*Corresponding author Email: [email protected] and/or:[email protected] com. Its seeds have an outer brown testa (hull) and two white cotyledons. should be directed towards varieties whose nuts slip open naturally [ 23].

Thus, heating amino acids and sugar together which is known to produce furans, pyrroles and pyrazines and the fact that some amino acids can also be converted non enzymatically to carbonyl compounds used for formation of volatiles, can account for the recorded decrease in levels of some amino acids.

There are other reports on amino acid composition of some lesser known tree crops, chemical composition and functional properties of raw, heat-treated and partially proteolysed wild mango Irvingia gabonensis seed flour [17, 18].

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