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A director of Oxford Authentication® Ltd, Doreen Stoneham has been conducting authenticity tests since 1970, originally with the Research Laboratory for Archaeology at Oxford University, which pioneered the TL testing process.

It was there, in the early 1980s, that Doreen perfected the technique for the safe and reliable testing of porcelain.

Doreen has published a number of papers and articles on subjects ranging from authenticity testing to scientific research on thermoluminescence, as well as making radio and television appearances and lecturing extensively.

She has also been called as an expert witness in courts of justice in both the UK and US.

In 2008 Doreen was awarded the Gabor Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics for her distinguished work in the application of physics in an industrial, commercial or business context.

Doreen graduated from Bristol University in Physics.

Therefore, luminescence dating results should be regarded with skepticism and the accompanying caveats clearly stated.

Instead, we should trust the Word of the One who was there at the beginning as recorded in the book of Genesis.

However, it’s well known among radiation physicists that RDRs vary with location, season, solar activity, and even time of day.

When pottery gets covered in the ground, radiation from the earth starts to energize (excite) the electrons of these crystalline materials, putting them into “trap states.” This is a measure of the radiation dose.

The longer the pottery is in the ground, the more radiation dose it will absorb, causing more electrons to be excited into trap states.

Like most dating methods used by secularists, many assumptions are built into their speculations and hypotheses.

All the assumptions mentioned above presume the secularists’ deep-time bias about conditions they haven’t observed.

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Both assumptions become less realistic with the passage of time.

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