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Anyways, great guy (that’s Barnes, not my colleague), I can see why Texas loves him.

ESPN was also hyping it’s new Watch ESPN app (similar to HBO GO) and their online service that allows you to watch the network anywhere on any device.

If these 25 celebrities ever find they need a side job, well, there's one career we know they have already dabbled in - with mixed results. See our favorite famous amateur porn stars, for better or worse, right here and now.(And, of course, it’s Texas — they’ve always considered themselves bigger and better. Press materials state that the network will air more than 200 live events annually covering all 20 UT sports including football, basketball and baseball, plus studio shows, analysis and original content.You’ll also be able to see Texas high-school sports, UT campus lifestyle (that could be good) and local Austin arts and culture.Tim Connolly, vice president of digital video distribution for Disney/ESPN Media Networks, says that about 2 million people have already downloaded their app.He believes a “slow and steady” rollout wins the race and anticipates other cable operators adding the service soon.

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Hilton, however, wasn’t fielding questions from the press and this simply was an appearance booking to help promote her current Oxygen series The NCTA show is being held at Chicago’s Mc Cormick Center along Lake Michigan and is attended by cable’s top brass, marketers, networks, software developers and more who converge to exchange ideas and business cards, market their new products and services and secure future business opportunities.

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