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The virulence of the different AMDV strains varies from highly virulent types to low virulent types [1, 7].A reservoir of different AMDV strains persists in wild mink [8,9,10,11].Some mink become subclinically infected with only minor impact on the production.These mink may act as carriers of the disease and pose a risk for introducing new infections in the population [4].Over recent decades the disease was mainly restricted to the very northern part of the country (Northern Jutland), with only sporadic outbreaks outside this region.Most of the viruses from this region have remained very closely related at the nucleotide level for decades.If a farm has between 1 and 2 animals testing positive, the farm is subjected to additional tests and no live mink may leave the farm [13].The herd prevalence of AMDV in Danish farmed mink has been 5 % or lower since 2001 and AMDV positive farms were almost exclusively located in the northern part of Jutland with the exception of a single feed-borne outbreak in the southern part of Jutland in 2002 [14] and few sporadic detections in mainland Jutland over the recent years (Fig. However, in the autumn 2015 and onwards, multiple AMDV positive farms were detected in several locations across Denmark by the routine control program.

* from the beginning of April to the end of March Spleens, mesenteric lymph nodes and blood-samples from euthanized AMDV-antibody positive mink were collected by Kopenhagen Fur and submitted to The National Veterinary Institute for further processing.

Additionally, AMDV also infect other wild living mustelidae e.g.

raccoons, weasel, ferrets, otters, skunks and badgers [9, 12].

Several strains have been described with varying virulence and the severity of infection also depends on the host’s genotype and immune status.

Clinical signs include respiratory distress in kits and unthriftiness and low quality of the pelts. Systematic control of AMDV in Danish mink farms was voluntarily initiated in 1976.

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