Npr iphone app not updating

How long will it take for my podcast to show up in i Tunes?

Why aren’t my new episodes showing up in the i Tunes store?

All you have to do is set up the phone and multimedia system to form a connection. Press "MENU" on the faceplate, then select "Setup" on display screen. Ensure pairing for your phone is turned on for your device 3. Android Users: • Operating systems 4.4 or later must not be in sleep mode. Press "MENU" on the faceplate, then select "Setup" on display screen. Scroll down to "Wi-Fi" and turn "ON" by selecting "Wi-Fi Hotspot: OFF." 3.

Or you can ask Siri to start playing a podcast by its title.If there are no problems, you can click the “refresh feed” link.Please be patient as i Tunes experiences occasional delays.The podcast link is live on the i Tunes Store shortly after the email is sent.Your podcast is not searchable in the i Tunes Store until it is indexed, which can take up to 24 hours.” You can read about testing your podcast here. If you are rejected, please check Apple’s specifications and reasons for rejecting podcasts.

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