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It is the antithesis of ‘chill’ and the tendency of people in their twenties to fear labels.

Friends ask if we trip over clashing cultural references?

Being with somebody older, who’s been through it all before, and is tired of game-playing is utterly refreshing.

His philosophy is if you like somebody, why wouldn’t you admit to wanting to spend time with them?

But, seriously, if they ever do a reunion tour J is SO coming with me. Do you have any tips for dating someone older than you? Or, you know, some version of whining about your age. With age (often) comes maturity and chivalry—take advantage!Cece even tells Jess as she's first considering dating Russell (the one and only Fancypants) that "he intimidates you because you wouldn't have to take care of him, he'd take care of you."DON' T make your man feel older than he actually is (or date yourself). Despite the maths, and the fact he thinks Kim Kardashian is married to Jay Z, it’s a solid, respectful relationship devoid of weird power dynamics. I was vaguely suspicious of a forty-something attracted to a twenty-something with student loans instead of a sorted older woman at her sexual peak. He’s 369 days younger than my Mum, and has teenage children.

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Few search results gave me the story I wanted to hear. Of somebody in their twenties in a relationship with somebody older, which didn’t involve sugar daddies, psychological abuse or nostalgia from couples now in their fifties and seventies.

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  1. When I opened it up it was requesting my email address and a password in sign up. I will tell you how I was scammed out of a lot of money from Filipino cupid.