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Is he still in love with me like he claimed before? I myself have been seeing an aries guy (2.5 months now) but just the same as you, I was left confused after the first month. When I asked him why he was interested, he said he'd always been with women older than he, he likes it that way as we know what we want. I got showered with his time, ph calls, texts & compliments & then it dwindled.

Men can AND will commit – it’s just a matter of understanding how he arrives at that decision.

I'm a Scorpio woman and I've been involved with a Pisces man. I want to know what took him so long to tell me this, and is there hope for us in the future, because if there is one thing I'm sure of , I touch him on a very emotional level, and my personal opinion on him is that he doesn't know what to do with his feelings, and probably doesn't want a serious relationship. I also want to know why a Pisces man took 4 months to let me know he only sees me as a good friend, but won't even talk to me anymore. I travel long distances to see him and he barely makes time for me, which makes me think he's not that into me, but then he makes a big deal about introducing me to his family, he is confusing.

I feel very connected to him on so many levels, but still confused . In the past I asked him so many times are we just friends and he would mislead me and say no not friends, but then what? When I ask him if he likes me because by the way he treats me I can't tell, he laughs and says, 'of course i do, what are you talking about? He was the one who pushed for us to become exclusive but then doesn't make time to see me. Ladies pisces men love a woman who gives them a taste of their own medicine. Have some fun & while ur at it don,t be predictable.

In fact, most women make the mistake of thinking he doesn’t want commitment based on how many times they’ve had a guy pull away from them. He has to give his commitment to you VOLUNTARILY for it to mean anything.

Ever tried to pick up a cat that didn’t want to be held? Because a man’s heart knows that a relationship with his True Love will feel like it’s a big obligation, attached to a set of handcuffs and leg irons. As a matter of fact, any pressure actually creates the OPPOSITE of love in him. If you get him to commit against his will, his feelings will start to turn on you. This means no conversations about “what does this mean?

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