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Taking care of your car is cheaper than getting it repaired when it breaks down.Investing in robust locks and alarms is cheaper than replacing everything when your home is burglarized. When it comes to malware, it’s safer and more effective to catch potential infections before they take root than it is to diagnose and clean an infected system.“There is no doubt threat actors will keep on coming up with various twists to abuse the human element.” Perhaps these latest attacks are an evolution of that one?In all the cases, though, it’s pretty obvious that the attackers are targeting companies, and that their ultimate goal is to get their hands on information that will allow them to steal money from the victims’ accounts.In other words, you keep your full protection until the renewal date.Repeat these steps until you've cancelled all your ongoing subscriptions.You'll get a confirmation message like this: "Your subscription of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium has been canceled.Please note that this cancelation does not result in a refund of your order".

What is curious about this particular attack is that it uses an approach that Mertens has never encountered before: the file exploits a Microsoft Word feature that can make files automatically update links included in them as soon as they are opened.On the other hand, the Malwr malware analysis service shows that the file does require the victim’s approval to update the document with the data from the linked files: Interestingly enough, Trend Micro researchers have also recently spotted the CVE 2017-0199 vulnerability being exploited.In that attack, the delivery mechanism is the same (email attachment), the booby-trapped file is a Power Point Open XML Slide Show (PPSX) file, and the final payload is similar (a RAT with keylogging capabilities).The Word file tries to access the malicious RTF file and, if it succeeds, the latter downloads a Java Script payload, which creates a shell object to spawn a Power Shell command and download a malicious PE file – the Netwire RAT.Mertens told me that the link update is triggered without user interaction or without a prompt or warning to the user that such an action will be undertaken – something that, by all accounts, should not happen.

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The final payload is run with the help of the Power Point Show animations feature.

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