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We got the design for these from this blog: click here Since we started the physical therapy, we have noticed an improvement in their coordination.When they were younger, they couldn’t even hold their heads up, and just lay on their sides flopping and twitching.

He believed that sitting inside the box might provide a treatment for cancer and other illnesses.Feeding can be a full contact sport, so frequent cleanings are par for the course.As well as frequent baths, since they are prone to peeing and pooping on themselves (bless their hearts).We will be getting them spayed this month and will continue working with them, and the hope is to get them all adopted.Obviously, it will take a very special adopter to handle them, but they’ve gotten a lot of visibility thanks to and charm everyone who meets them in person, so we’re extremely hopeful.

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They’ve developed some coordination and have started to develop a semblance of a litter box instinct, only with wee wee pads – they’ll crawl over to one side of their pen to do their business.

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