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Although every season has had several guest stars, season two's guest stars were referred to as "hosts" and appeared in nearly every sketch.Every episode had a new host, where as in other seasons, not every episode had a guest star and the guest star usually only appeared in a few sketches.Tony Bright (Bryan Callen) promotes a do-it-yourself dentist kit.

The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan) refuses to help certain patients at the Betty Ford Clinic.

A claymation car is oblivious to a ticking sound in a parody of Chevron commercials.

Ice-T introduces the cast of Mad TV, unfortunately he only introduces the African American cast members.

Kathy Lee Gifford (Nicole Sullivan) runs afoul of labor laws at sweatshops producing her line of clothing in a parody of Maury Povich.

Antonia (Nicole Sullivan) finds work at a pizzeria. A man (David Herman) keeps masturbating even after rehabilitation.

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