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Had you been involved in any kind of adult entertainment before?Most of my career I’ve been doing construction, doing everything from roofing to sheet rock.“If you’re going to do porn then just make sure you’re comfortable with the whole world finding out about it.Your friends, your family, your colleagues, and everyone you know.Sometimes I would strip tease, sometimes work out in my boxer briefs — even work out naked.

The programme follows a number of men, and the people around them, to find out more about what motivates them to get in front of the webcam; what it actually involves and how it impacts on those involved.” The show is timely – as sex education You Tuber Calum Mc Swiggan recently opened up about his own webcam porn past to raise awareness of the risks.“These men are from a wide range of different backgrounds, from a heterosexual man with a family to a single homosexual man who believes ‘camming’ saved him from a dark future, after he became involved in drugs and chemsex.“They all have their own reasons for getting involved: for some it is a short-term way to make extra money to pay the bills, some see webcams as a means to longer-term work opportunities with good profits, whilst for others it is simply a world to explore their sexuality and flaunt their body.Mike Hard started camming toward the end of 2013, when a change in his work situation left him in need of some extra cash.The 31-year-old was camming and earning hundreds of dollars a night until March, when a bad accident at his day job forced him to take a break for a while.

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A release explains: “Meet the webcam boys: the men who put their bodies online for money.

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