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First he introduces the Stamps individually and highlights Ed Enoch as being someone mentioned in the bible, then Bill Baize gets introduced as one of the straightest guys of the group and by that Elvis says he means he has no qualms about showing his affection in public!

Unfortunately during the introductions Elvis manages to overstep the mark on 3 of the introductions.

; Heartbreak Hotel; Let Me Be There; 1975 show was super!

Polk Salad was the result tonight from the audience and Im Leavin' was quite a surprise too.

Introductions started by saying that he has seen an aggressive change in Bill Baize who used to show off affection in public. The Wonder of You and Polk Salad Annie are well sung then .

The little girl that does the high voiced singing, shes from Los Angeles- shell take affection anywhere, from anybody, anytime from anywhere in the world-Kathy Westmoreland . Apart from the bad mouthing Norfolk A/S is pretty much up to the same energy standard as yesterdays Afternoon show.; Love Me; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; Hound Dog; The Wonder Of You; Polk Salad Annie; Introductions & Solos; T. During the Intros Kathy at first gets a more normal intro first with Elvis saying The little girl with the high voice singing is from Los Angeles her name is Kathy Westmoreland then he adds the sting If you dont like the way I introduce you and cant take it, then get off the spot! During this show the Sweet Inspirations and Kathy Westmoreland walked off because these comments by Elvis towards them.

Next Elvis says he has never figured this guy out-John Wilkinson because he went on a blind date one time ( one has to wonder hear if BOTH Kathy and John getting negative remarks in the same show was this because John & Kathy had a date?? After Let me be There Elvis very unusually gets Charlie Hodge to help him sing and set up an impromptu version of Bosom of Abraham/Youd Better Run- which is yet another unexpected highlight in this great show! After You Gave Me Mountain with a few changed lyrics the rest of the show was somewhat routine except that he gets J. Critic John Rockwell of the New York times wrote that when he is putting out as he did Saturday afternoon ,reaching for the top notes and shaping phrases with the same easy individuality that has always marked his best work, he is still the king .

Oddly enough to a casual listener to this Evening show you may be almost unaware that anything is going on indeed many fans may have thought it was just a part of the show?! Tom Diskin talked the Sweets into performing at the next show in Greensboro but Kathy Westmoreland missed this show. Whilst Elvis was in Greensboro he saw a local dentist twice to take care of an infected tooth. Baxter Caldwell was at 5am to have the abscessed tooth cared for.

He appeared MEAN and threw away another guitar to the crowd- thankfully from Burning Love onwards Elviss mood loosened up quite a bit and appeared to be enjoying himself. Burning Love is another standout performance leading into the band introductions.

E; Why Me Lord; How Great Thou Art-with reprise; Let Me Be There; Heartbreak Hotel; Funny How Times Slip Away; Little Darling; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; Can't Help Falling In Love So after the first show in Springfield Elvis changed into his Aztec Suit , however once again during the show Elvis didnt appear to be in a good mood at all. Rider; I Got A Woman/Amen; Love Me; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; The Wonder Of You; Burning Love; Introductions & Solos; T. Both The Wonder of You and Trying to Get to You are very well sung and very strong.

He was very animated, particularly on the "gyration" numbers "Burning Love" and the "Mystery Train"-"Tiger Man" medley. He damn near raised the roof with the power of his voice on the choruses of "You Gave Me A Mountain", and "Big Boss Man" & "Let Me Be There" were 2 other vocal highlights that really impressed! Rider; I Got A Woman/Amen; Big Boss Man; Love Me; If You Love Me Let Know; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; Hound Dog; The Wonder Of You; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; Burning Love; Introductions & Solos; show was much better! Elvis sounds enthusiastic right from the start of the show.

But he was still incredibly handsome, he didn't have the bloated, pale, sickly, weak-eyed look that he got in 76.

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Despite C, C Rider; I Got A Woman/Amen; Big Boss Man; Love Me-false start; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Love Me Tender-false start; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; Hound Dog; The Wonder Of You; Polk Salad Annie; Introductions & Solos; J. Goode; Early on in the show Elvis made an off hand remark that the arena looked like a spaceship, Later during the strobe lighting affect of Tiger Man Elvis quipped I told you were taking off! Tom Diskin talked Joe Esposito into telling Elvis ( just before he went on stage ) to STOP bad mouthing Kathy during her intro- which fired Elvis right up like a red flag to a bull!

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