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When you hear a whole crowd singing along, that’s so fun.

One of the big goals of this band is to get people singing along, jumping around and shouting.” Harris and Foster got their start playing in South Bay bands like Haelah and the Urban Legends, performing DIY shows with like-minded friends in alternative venues such as the Knights of Columbus hall in Cupertino.

In 2002, after holing up in their Portland homes, the pair released their self-titled debut.

But by the next year, they were out promoting the very first Thermals record, , and Hutch and Kathy the band became a footnote in Thermals history.

“Each one of our records has been a little more produced sounding, a little more hi-fi,” says Harris, who adds that the group continues to release bare-bones demo versions for fans who prefer the old sound.

Though a harmonica instantly separates this from anything remotely Thermals related, there is one thread that remains regardless of the format: Harris and Foster’s gentle harmonies as they deliver hopeful prose like, “Our eyes unite, we are on the sun burning so bright.” Listen in below.

Harris and Foster will embark on a US tour in support of the reissue, with dates forthcoming.

“We’re all about Portland.” Contact Shay Quillen at [email protected] 408-920-2741.

Find more of his stories and a link to his blog at

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