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When it comes to celebrities, people always want to know as much as possible about their personal lives.What their diet is like, what their daily routine is, etc.

Now that Jelena chapter is closed, apparently Selena is onto someone next. They shared a picture on Instagram earlier in which Niall was kissing on the cheek of Selena and showed great chemistry. Like recently in an event in Los Angles where they were caught sitting together and sharing lovely moments.Like Selena, Niall has nothing to say since they’re all rumors. But looking at his schedule, feed and stuff, it looks like he his focusing on its most awaited album.As far as paparazzi is concerned, they have even stopped hanging out in public. And it might taken some time before they admit publicly, if at all there is any spark between them.But no subject invokes as much intrigue as who stars are dating.Despite trying to be private, Selena Gomez has had a pretty public love life.

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